Dreamscape Media Launches Innovative Audiobook Program, Dreamscape First

HOLLAND, OH (June 7, 2024) Dreamscape Media, a leading independent publisher and multimedia studio, recently announced the launch of Dreamscape First, a pioneering initiative that will debut select titles exclusively in audiobook before any other formats. The program aims to cater to audiobook enthusiasts and provide them with early access to must-listen stories, allowing them to enjoy absorbing narratives from new and favorite authors.

On July 16th, the Dreamscape First program will release Rifts and Refrains by Tiye, narrated by the talented duo Benjamin Charles and iiKane. This compelling audiobook follows the journey of Amara Johnson, a music teacher with a passion for poetry and a hidden family legacy waiting to be uncovered. As Amara delves into her family’s past with the help of an ambitious Nashville music producer, she not only unravels the truth but also discovers love amidst the melodies of life.

Dreamscape acquired Rifts and Refrains from Honey Magnolia Media, a boutique entertainment agency that develops and produces diverse, authentic, and powerful stories across books, films, and TV. Honey Magnolia’s mission is to bridge cultural divides and enrich the human experience through compelling narratives.


“We are thrilled to partner with Dreamscape for the audio-first release of Rifts and Refrains. This collaboration allows us to bring Tiye’s powerful narrative to life in an immersive format, giving listeners an exciting way to explore this richly layered story,” said Keisha Mennefee, Owner & Founder of Honey Magnolia Media. “We’re excited to share Amara’s journey of love, legacy, and musical heritage in a way that we hope will captivate and engage audiences.”

“There is a growing reader base that prefers to consume stories primarily through audio, and Dreamscape First is designed to meet this desire,” said Kerri Buckley, acquisitions director at Dreamscape Media. “We are confident that this initiative will resonate with audiobook enthusiasts looking for early access to original and engrossing narratives.”

Dreamscape First’s catalog features titles from bestselling and award-winning authors such as Samantha Chase’s Finding You (April 2024) and J. H. Markert’s Wicked Games (May 2024). Additional upcoming titles include Another Try by Gene Koon (November 2024), Shot Clock by New York Times bestselling author Andrew Bourelle (February 2025), and the fourth book in Caroline Frank’s popular Seasons of Love series (April 2025).

Dreamscape First exemplifies Dreamscape Media’s commitment to innovation by offering exclusive early access to high-quality audiobooks, catering to the evolving preferences of modern readers. With a diverse lineup of titles, this program is set to provide loyal audiobook listeners exciting new titles and reinforce Dreamscape Media’s leading role in the audiobook industry.

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