Emerging Trap Metal Artist Sam Kallan Performs at 4DAFREE VOL1 Event During SXSW

Trap Metal Artist Sam Kallan

Austin, TX – March 27, 2024 – Emerging trap metal artist, Sam Kallan, performed at the 4DAFREE VOL1 event, held at SXSW. Hosted by SouldOutTX, a platform dedicated to fostering emerging talent, the event offered unprecedented opportunities for exposure, collaboration, and networking.

In collaboration with LiveMediaAgency and other esteemed partners, 4DAFREE VOL1 transcended traditional showcases, offering a multifaceted experience that combined live mic performances, insightful interviews, engaging podcasts, and captivating performance recaps.

Sam Kallan was thrilled to be part of the 4DAFREE VOL1 event at SXSW. Grateful for the opportunity to showcase his music to a new and diverse audience, Sam gave it his all for this performance, delivering an electrifying set. The energy and excitement in the air fueled Sam’s passion for his craft, and he was overwhelmed by the positive reception his music received. Reflecting on his experience, Sam expressed immense happiness and gratitude for the chance to connect with new fans and share his music at SXSW.

Looking ahead to 2024, Sam has ambitious plans in store. From shows to collaborations with like-minded artists, and a slew of new music releases, Kallan is redefining the intersection of metal and rap for the next generation.

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