Novotel Hyderabad Airport Hosted Shaam-E-Sufiyana

Hyderabad, 11th April 2024: Novotel Hyderabad Airport located at GMR Aerocity, Hyderabad recently hosted a captivating evening of Sufi melodies with Shaam-E-Sufiyana. This unique event, set against the backdrop of Ramadan festivities, paid tribute to Hyderabad’s rich cultural heritage and the universal appeal of Sufism.


Guests had the privilege of experiencing the enchanting melodies of the renowned Amjad Asad Warsi Brothers. Born into a lineage deeply rooted in the Qawwal Bachche tradition of the Delhi Gharana, the Warsi Brothers brought to life the essence of Sufi poetry and music. Mentored by their esteemed father, Baba Zaheer Ahmed Khan Warsi, and illustrious grandfather, Padmashri Aziz Ahmed Khan Warsi, they seamlessly blended tradition with innovation, offering a soulful rendition of timeless Sufi compositions.

Throughout the evening, attendees were transported on a journey of spiritual exploration, as the ethereal strains of Sufi music weave tales of love, devotion, and transcendence. The event also offered a feast for the senses with a delectable lavish dinner buffet featuring Grills and Indian cuisine. The guests were seen enjoying the soulful music with lovely food and a great ambience.

Mr. Sukhbir Singh, Novotel Hyderabad Airport expressed his excitement, “We are thrilled to bring the mesmerizing essence of Sufi music at Novotel Hyderabad Airport with Shaam-E-Sufiyana. This event not only celebrated the rich cultural heritage of Hyderabad but also served a heartfelt tribute to the universal appeal of Sufism. The event was a remarkable success and was very well received by the audience”.

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