Pocket FM strengthens its tech leadership team; announces key appointments

India; April 11, 2024: Audio series platform Pocket FM  announces the appointment of three seasoned technology leaders to key positions within the organization, further solidifying its commitment to innovation and excellence in the entertainment industry.

Umesh Bude joins as SVP of Engineering, tasked with shaping the product’s technological foundation and will be responsible for delivering the AI-based technologies powering Pocket FM products and their global availability and user experience; and Rohan Gandhi assumes the role of VP of Analytics, bringing extensive experience to foster an analytics-driven culture; Rupesh Gopal joins as the VP of Engineering to lead the overall software development, architecture, and cloud infrastructure functions at Pocket FM. The new leaders will report to Prateek Dixit, Co-founder and CTO, to ensure Pocket FM remains at the forefront of technological innovation in the audio entertainment industry.

Commenting on these appointments, Prateek Dixit, Co-founder and CTO, said, “We are at an inflection point in Pocket FM’s journey, redefining the entertainment landscape. Including Umesh, Rohan, and Rupesh in our leadership team marks a significant step forward in our commitment to technological excellence and innovation. Together, we will continue pushing boundaries, harnessing technology’s power to create immersive experiences that resonate with our global audience.”

Umesh Bude, with close to 20 years of experience in engineering and data science, steps into a pivotal role as Senior Vice President of Engineering at Pocket FM. To shape Pocket FM’s technological foundation, his focus areas include engineering excellence, leveraging GenAI solutions, and information security. “I am thrilled to join Pocket FM and lead the charge in shaping the future of audio entertainment. I am confident that together we will build technology that not only delights users but also redefines the benchmarks in this space,” he said

Rohan Gandhi, with over 12 years of extensive experience in analytics and data platforms, assumes the role of Head of Analytics & Data at Pocket FM. His expertise will be instrumental in fostering an analytics-driven culture within the organization, enabling well-informed decision-making and driving growth at Pocket FM. “Joining Pocket FM is incredibly exciting for me. I can’t wait to blend my love for data with the magic of audio entertainment. Together, we will leverage data to create amazing experiences that everyone will love,” he said

Rupesh Gopal, with more than 18 years of experience in software development and architecture, joins as the Vice President of Engineering to lead the software development and cloud infrastructure teams to scale the technology that powers Pocket FM’s products. With a focus on product innovation and technological advancement, Rupesh’s leadership will be critical in enhancing Pocket FM’s offerings and maintaining its position as a leader in the audio series market. “Pocket FM’s vision for the future of entertainment resonates with my passion for pushing technological boundaries. I am looking forward to collaborating with the team and contributing towards delivering experiences with a strong product innovation,” he said.

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