Free Fire kicks off its 7th anniversary celebrations

Free Fire kicks off its 7th anniversary celebrationsCairo, Egypt 26 June 2024:  Free Fire is celebrating its seventh anniversary, and players are invited to join in the festivities starting tomorrow! Across the span of two weeks, fans and players can look forward to a series of heartwarming activities aptly touching on the themes of nostalgia, celebration, and companionship. These include time-limited game modes bringing back a miniature version of the old Bermuda Peak and classic weapons from the past, 7th anniversary-themed rewards such as a male bundle and Gloo Wall, as well as a music video, special documentary, and many more.

Free Fire’s anniversary celebrations arrive alongside other anticipated in-game optimisations, from weapon adjustments to a new neuroscientist character, Kassie. Seven years on, the battle royale title continues to delight its players from all corners of the world with fresh and immersive content. Free Fire remains committed to staying attuned to players’ evolving preferences and aspirations, delivering high-quality experiences that resonate, engage, and entertain.

Explore miniature Bermuda Peak in Battle Royale and Clash Squad

From Today, Survivors entering Battle Royale (BR) and Clash Squad (CS) modes will be greeted by familiar sights and sounds, as Free Fire will be introducing Mini Peak, an anniversary-themed floating island with several iconic features.

BR mode

During the Friends’ Echoes event in BR mode, players can interact with one another’s silhouettes to redeem in-match rewards. Players can also use Memory Portals scattered across the map to teleport themselves to Mini Peak, a fun-sized version of the old Bermuda Peak. On this battlefield peppered with colorful anniversary-themed gift boxes, players can earn Memory Points either by breaking these boxes down or by eliminating enemies.

With these Memory Points, players can then use the Glider to enter a time-limited Hall of Honor, where they can pick up Nostalgic Weapons — buffed versions of classic weapons from the past. Here, Nostalgic MP40, Nostalgic M1887, and Nostalgic Vector can all be picked up and brought back for use in the battlefield.

CS mode

At the same time, while playing CS mode, players may be teleported to Mini Peak in random rounds — during such rounds, players will notice a spawn area with special visual effects. Nostalgic Weapons can also be obtained by interacting with the 7th anniversary Supply Gadgets, and players can try looking for special anniversary gift boxes and break them open for random loot. Additionally, winning CS squads will be honored with a celebratory “Booyah” ceremony — the first of its kind in Free Fire.

Rare rewards free for all

No celebration is complete without rewards — to thank players for their support over the years, Free Fire will be launching a myriad of free-for-all rewards this anniversary. From an anniversary-themed male bundle with special effects, a themed baseball bat, to a AC80 gun skin, players can relish in the in-game festivities and don their stylish collectibles starting today.

Players can also stand to win a limited-edition 7th anniversary Gloo Wall during the Gloo Wall Relay. The event starts with a preheat draw from today, where players who log in will stand a chance to receive the sought-after Gloo Wall. Those who do not manage to win the Gloo Wall can still earn it when they team up with those who have it to complete the 7th anniversary BR event together.

Experience more fun-filled game modes from 27 June

In light of the patch update, players can experience a fast-paced mini-BR game with 11 other players in the ‘Old Peak’ gameplay mode. Finally, ‘Zombie Graveyard’ will arrive. In this anniversary relaunch of the popular ‘Zombie Uprising’ mode, 4 to 5 players will have to gather to defeat the hordes to win.

Reminisce about favorite Free Fire memories and create new ones with the community

A themed animation will launch on Jun 29, telling the story of a player who has accumulated lots of unforgettable memories and treasured friendships throughout his years of playing Free Fire. Players can also stream the theme song, “Feeling the Fire”, on Spotify and YouTube.

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