Eye-Q inaugurates its new facility in Yamunanagar…

Eye-Q inaugurates its new facility in Yamunanagar…

New Delhi, 29th December 2022: Eye-Q, a leading hospital eye care chain inaugurates its new facility in Yamunanagar. The new building is a standalone property and upgradation of the older Eye-Q hospital where the brand had been providing healthcare services for more than ten years. The new facility is miles ahead in terms of size and accessibility to the best surgeons, retina and super speciality treatment facilities, modular operating theatres, and upgraded machinery. Dr Seemanchal Goel, a leading cataract and medical retina surgeon will be the regular consultant with a visiting glaucoma consultant of the new facility.

Eye-Q’s Super-Specialty Eye Hospital is located in the prime location of Basant Nagar, Yamunanagar near Sapphire Hotel. On a regular basis, the new facility will be able to handle four times as many patients as the previous facility with approx 1.5 lakh patients handled till now and more than 10000 surgeries done. This facility of Eye-Q is empanelled with majority of TPAs and ECHS, and is looking forward for Haryana Government scheme renewal with NABH standards being enforced and also Ayushman Bharat Health Scheme.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ajay Sharma, founder and CMD of EYE-Q said, “It delights me immensely to inaugurate a brand-new facility in Yamunanagar which will empower locals to access quality, reasonably priced, and easily accessible eye services and products without hassle. The hospital is equipped with cutting-edge modern equipment to diagnose and treat different eye conditions. We would also like to reassure our patients that, just like all other Eye-Q Super-Specialty hospitals across the nation, all eye treatment procedures in Yamunanagar facility will be carried out utilising the I Lasik technique, which is a painless, non-invasive bladeless vision correction process.

Mr Rajat Goel, Co-founder & CEO of Eye-Q added, “India is experiencing unparalleled demographic changes, which are also being witnessed globally. As people live longer, more people over the age of 60 will develop eye problems. Therefore, our team of specialists is prepared to address the full range of vision-limiting ocular ailments that accompany ageing. Additionally, we at Eye-Q prioritise eye care as the first line of health checks for other age-related health morbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, risk of falls, depression, and dementia.”

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