Navya Online Hypnotherapy Clinic Rebrands Using AI Generated Imagery

Houston, TX, January 24, 2023 –— When you visit the website of most therapy clinics, you’re greeted with pictures of the space – comfy chairs and relaxing décor convey the environment you’ll experience when you come in for a session.

But what do you do when the clinic functions completely online?

Navya Hypnosis leaned into this challenge and chose to design its site around a series of AI-generated images conveying a therapy clinic in fantastical, otherworldly locations.

“With Navya, we provide online hypnotherapy sessions for clients all over the world, from the comfort of their own homes. Moreover, for the bulk of the session, their eyes are actually closed,” explains lead hypnotherapy and clinic founder, Shalom Shore. “We asked ourselves, what would a hypnotherapy clinic look like if it existed entirely in your mind? What spaces would your imagination create where you could go to heal?”

The new wave of AI-generated art provided a perfect solution for creating the type of environments that fit Navya’s vision. Visitors are greeted with images of comfortable seats, minimalist rooms, and windows looking out on imaginary landscapes like spacescapes, towering cliffs, and desert vistas.

Developing the right look and feel took several iterations with the help of a Mexico-based AI expert. The goal was to create an inviting, intimate environment, noticeably absent of inhabitants, ala Thomas McKnight. “We wanted to create a sense of opportunity, of potential,” explains Shore. “One where you, as a client, are invited to step into the space, filling it with your own hopes and dreams.” Interior designer Sim Shore consulted on the project. The brand strategy was provided by Bald Agency.

Navya’s hypnotherapy practitioners facilitate a unique form of hypnotherapy called Hypnosis Assisted Psychotherapy. HAP is client-led and often involves regressing to past memories to re-experience and heal them. The experience can be intensely therapeutic, with some referring to it as “the closest thing to psychedelic-assisted therapy without the drugs.”

View more of Navya’s unique visual identity at
Shalom Tzvi Shore

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