The Alliance, Powered by Mako Medical, Expands Into New Jersey

Nashville, TN, 2 Jan 2023 –– Mako Medical, the company responsible for providing over 14M COVID tests to over 43 states has announced it is expanding its presence throughout New Jersey. The demand for Mako Medical is high in New Jersey.

“Our team sees several opportunities to expand our services to medical facilities, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and urgent cares,” said Chad Price, CEO of Mako Medical. Mako Medical is a medical testing company, capable of performing over 4,000 different types of tests including blood, allergies, genetic, toxicology, and molecular testing. New Jersey adds a new location with Mako Medical’s laboratory Alliance.

“We are excited to expand in New Jersey and look forward to creating many new jobs and servicing thousands of new patients,” said Chad Price CEO of Mako Medical.

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