Interview with Bhavyen Bhandari , Co-founder of Mantra Softech…

Interview with Bhavyen Bhandari , Co-founder of Mantra Softech…
Mr. Bhavyen Bhandari , Co-founder of Mantra Softech

Mr. Bhavyen Bhandari, co-founder, Mantra Softech, a global hi-tech manufacturer of biometric and RFID-based products and solutions heads the projects division of the company. He is one of the few renowned entrepreneurs in biometric manufacturing and R&D capabilities having vast expertise in handling projects of several reputed corporate giants.

Let us know more about his views and plans

Q1. Mantra offers a host of security solutions to businesses from different sectors; could you brief us about your key offerings?

A.  Our offerings are related to identity solutions for men and vehicles based on valid identity, access authorization, and checking of valid credentials for accessing premise. It covers all business applications such as attendance, workers management, visitors, canteen, vehicle, drivers by integration of face, finger, IRIS and RFID etc technology together.

Q2. Covid pandemic has taken a toll on most businesses. How has this scenario impacted your business and offerings?

A. Quick innovations and rapid implementation was required during post Covid and majority of typical industrial applications are turned into contactless identifications requirements. Industries are fully ready to implement innovative ideas and that helps us to do innovations in technology.

Q3. With many startups coming up, the last ten years have remained very dramatic in terms of companies giving huge weightage to security-related technology. In your experience, what security solutions are demanded the most in today’s day & age?

A.  Industries are focusing to protect digital data and using logical security, we can prevent and protect digital data and data storage device is going to help industries whereas physical security is required to convert into intelligent system to manage and automate men and machines.

Q4. DigiYatra initiative is in its first phase and is set to revolutionize passenger onboarding in the aviation sector. Being a leading biometric company, how do you envision the opportunity this initiative has created?

A. Electronic gates for passenger boarding system is huge potential market for biometric industries and that can provide hassle free and self – sufficient boarding experience to passengers.

Q5. Mantra has a long history of providing solutions for government-led schemes, and the role of Aadhaar has remained pivotal in it. We’d like you to throw some light on how things became better and more transparent for the commoner with Aadhaar coming into the picture.

A. Aadhaar is one stop solutions for all direct benefit transfer and Government funded scheme that provides subsidized items directly in hand of beneficiaries. This makes huge impact and provide social economic security to beneficiaries that Government backed schemes are directly benefitted to citizens and residents of India.

Q6. What are some of the critical parameters you keep in mind while opting in for a project?

Ans: We are focusing on three major aspects:
1. Successful On-field delivery and Implementation
2. Resolving use cases required for business and subject
3. Solutions to address pain areas of end users whosoever is using technology
If, solution design and technology is not able to suffice above three requirements then Mantra is not opting project.

Q7. What are some of the benefits your clients derive when they partner with Mantra for their security needs? And, what is that one major USP that gives your brand a competitive edge over the others?

Ans: Mantra is providing all varieties of product and solutions that anything related to identify and biometric technology. Its expertise into not only manufacturing of identify based hardware and software but also into implementations, delivery and commitments towards services makes most reliable and affordable identity solution provider.

Mantra’s 360 degree offerings and inclusion of local contents for all identity solutions are preferred by partners and offering “One Window” for all identity related requirements.

Q8. In the upcoming times, what should we expect from Mantra that redefines business solutions?

Ans: Mantra is investing heavily into research and development to provide design excellence, quality excellence and next generation identity technology including Software as Services, portability and mobility in hardware, long distance authentication gadgets, intelligent biometric platform that provides better security, automation and fulfil all business needs related to identity requirements.

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