1 st LNG Vehicle Flagged off at Hindustan Zinc

1 st LNG Vehicle Flagged off at Hindustan Zinc

24 th January 2023: Hindustan Zinc has deployed the first Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) powered truck vehicle. A 55-metric-tonne Alternate Fuel Vehicle from Greenline, part of the Essar Group will be used in the transportation of the finished product from the smelter to the consumer. It will scale down the carbon emission by 30% in comparison to a diesel vehicle.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Arun Misra, CEO of Hindustan Zinc, said, “Our vision of net zero by 2050 is driven by the philosophy of Transforming the Planet and creating green value for all our stakeholders. By taking the approach of introducing LNG vehicles, we are showing our commitment to leading the green transport revolution. Hindustan Zinc aims to decarbonize the environment by delivering an immediate solution and significantly reducing
economic barriers.”

To reduce its environmental footprint year after year, Hindustan Zinc makes every effort to conserve natural resources and deploy greener technology whenever possible. The LNG Vehicle introduced by the company in its operational cycle has a capacity of carrying 40 tonnes of raw material and can speed up to 80 kmph. This vehicle will drive the company ahead on its sustainable value-accretive journey and strengthen their sustainability focus
by delivering on well-defined goals.

Hindustan Zinc is committed to improving its ESG performance for which they have set stringent sustainability goals to achieve by 2025 and adopted a holistic approach to attaining the same. As part of the 2025 Sustainability Goals, they are constantly making the best use of natural resources, reducing their carbon footprint, and utilizing renewable energy. For emission control, the company has also introduced Fuel Catalyst in HEMMs for underground mine operations to enhance fuel efficiency and lower exhaust pollution. This effort will facilitate increasing the manufacturing performance while also lowering the
carbon footprint.

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